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Have you ever been unable to find someone in your address book because you couldn’t remember their name?

REON allows you to find your contacts by when or where you met them, or by any of their addresses.

How? REON tags new contacts with the location and time you entered their info and plots all contact addresses on a map.

Bonus feature: iOS users can download REON today and see the entry dates of all their contacts.

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  • My iPhone is my office and REON will show me my contacts on a map and organize them by when we met. Priceless.

  • This tool is going to revolutionize the way listing agents and seller's agents conduct real estate.

  • Networking at trade shows will never be the same.

  • I'm never any good at remembering names, but now when I forget the name of a girl I meet, I can still find her in my phone!